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Allergy Awareness Month – Three “S” Chocolate Clusters

Allergy Awareness Month…..

If you are a true foodie, you will not think that I have lost my mind when you read this post. You will understand what an amazing culinary twist this is and how it incorporates all the flavors you love. This recipe took some time to come up with since I wanted to stay true to the mission of the company that I am reviewing and avoid the 12 most common food allergens. That was a seriously challenging task, but one that I was prepared to meet. And you guessed, we have a winner!

sweet and spicy clusters free2b3Before I get to far into this I must tell you what amazing treats Free2B offers. If you have a food allergy you can rest assured that you are most likely safe to consume their products. And my timing for this recipe couldn’t be more perfect because they are offering 20% off in honor of Allergy Awareness month until May 23, 2018! Here are a few things that you won’t be getting in these products



*Tree nut










What you will be getting in these products…

*High quality ingredients

*Peace of mind

*Amazing taste

sweet and spicy clusters free2b2I had the privilege of trying almost all of their goodies and I have to tell you that my absolute favorite was their Snack Breaks Dark Chocolate Peppermint. It was just simply amazing! My son’s favorite is their Sunbutter Cups. And my daughter fell in love with their Rice Chocolate Bar. I took their allergen free baking chips and decided those would be my Everest.

sweet and spicy clusters free2b4Now, I am sure, up to this point, you are completely on board with my finding, but will you be after you see my recipe? I have so many friends that have allergies to one thing or another that I tend to think of them when I am creating my recipes. This one just seems to be for all of them, but for one in particular. She will know who she is when she sees the flavor combo, jalapeno and chocolate. No, I have not lost my mind. This is really a thing. People love it, and if you give it a chance you will love it too! I am crazy for sweet and savory and salty, so I decided to add SPICY to the mix. These little clusters are super good. I am just going to give you one tip, if you aren’t going to eat them right away just add the spicy part of the jalapeno and leave out the green so it doesn’t get watery and compromise the integrity of the chocolate. No matter whether you are going to eat them right up, or save them, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Have you tried any recipes using chocolate and jalapenos?

Three “S” Chocolate Clusters (Sweet, Salty, & Spicy)

By Angie Gouchenour

5 Clusters

sweet and spicy clusters free2b000Ingredients

3 Tablespoons Free2B Chocolate Chips

½ teaspoon jalapeno pith minced (It is the white part that the seeds are attached to) This is where the heat is.

1 Jalapeno diced (Approximately 2 Tablespoons) if you are going to eat them within 24 hours

2 Tablespoons candied dried mango diced

2 Tablespoons shelled salted sunflower seeds

Sea salt for topping (Optional)


In a medium bowl melt the Free2B chocolate chips in the microwave in two 30 second intervals

Stir until melted

Stir in the pith, jalapenos (If using), mango, and sunflower seeds

Drop by Tablespoons onto a parchment paper covered plate

Place in the refrigerator for 30-45 minutes, until firm


Store in the refrigerator

NOTE: When you cut the rib, white section with seeds, from the jalapeno trim the seeds off and mince the white. This is where the heat is and where you will get your spice

These products were sent to me for free from Free2B for my review, and honest opinion. All content is my own thoughts and opinions.


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