“Just Great Stuff… And Plenty of It” – Betty Lou’s Review

“Just Great Stuff… And Plenty of It”….

I get so excited when I find a new company that I can wholeheartedly share with all of you. Not very long ago I came across a company called Betty Lou’s. The product that intrigued me led me to contact them. Come to find out they had so many more delicious, and healthy treats, that I couldn’t even begin to imagine how amazing they would be. I was even lucky enough to talk to John, the vice president and son of Betty Lou, and his enthusiasm for their products was contagious. And I can’t lie, when I received a box of their products from them, they did not disappoint.

betty lous brownies2Betty Lou started creating her amazing treats over 38 years ago. She started baking up healthier treats for her family, and I don’t think that she really had any idea that she would eventually be sharing these amazing goodies with so many other families as well. Her motto is, “Just great stuff…. And plenty of it”. I am absolutely in love with that motto and Betty Lou’s products, and her vision. I think that the reason that I feel so in tune with this company is that her dream is the same as mine. We want what is best for our kids, and as moms’ it is our job to create recipes that they will actually eat. Like Betty Lou I love taking old, unhealthy, favorites and making them into something I can feel good about my kids eating. If I am really honest I can admit that I don’t always like to bake from scratch, or come up with new ideas, so it is companies, like this one, that allow me to get excited about what my kids are snacking on. (And don’t worry, I tried a few of these yummy goodies myself!)

Fruit Bars

Betty Lous Inc ProductsIf you love those hand pies we grew up with, that came in little crinkly packages from the grocery store, you will be head over heels in love with these fruit pies. Without having to worry about a ton of questionable ingredients you can rely on the good stuff.  Each fruit bar tastes like a piece of pie. I am not even a fruit pie lover, but I fell head over heels in love with these. They come in Apple, Apricot, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry, and Strawberry.

Nut Butter Balls

betty lous nutsI am NUTS about these little babies. They provide such a wide variety with this particular snack that there is a little something for everyone. As I am writing this I grabbed a Paleo Berry Blast Nuts About Energy Ball with Blueberries, Goji Berries, & Raspberries for breakfast. Like all of their products this treat is Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and loaded with protein. I am going to give this one an A+. The other varieties they offer are Almond butter, Cashew pecan, Chocolate hazelnut, Paleo Java, Protein plus almond butter, protein plus cashew butter, protein plus coconut macadamia, protein plus peanut butter, Protein plus peanut butter chocolate chip, Spirulina Ginseng, and a few limited-edition flavors.

Golden Smackers

betty lous smackersThese…. Oh, these. The Golden Smackers are my absolute favorite treat from Betty Lou’s. I will throw up a warning right away, they are addictive. Loaded with organic ingredients these bad boys come in at 180 calories per smack. They are superior to ANY candy bar I have ever eaten. If I never ate any other Betty Lou’s product I could eat these for life. For my nut and dairy sensitive friends, I am sorry, these bars do contain nuts, and dairy. But for those who are looking for gluten free… these are what you want to try. These golden treats come in three praise worthy flavors; Caramel Peanut, Peanut Butter, and Salted Caramel. Pssst… my fav is the Salted Caramel!

Angell Bars

Betty Lou Inc ProductsThese organic candy bars come in almost equally with the Golden Smackers for me, but they are a unique product on their own. They are delicious, there is no doubt about that. Of course, these bars are made with all superior, organic ingredients. My favorite flavor is the Angell Snow Bar. This bar has a creamy coconut center and is covered in white chocolate. While I am generally not a white chocolate fan, because it is just so sweet, these bars kick all other white chocolate to the way side. It doesn’t taste fake, and waxy, like most white chocolate, and it isn’t overly sweet. The Angell bars run between 160-170 calories and there are three flavors to choose from (If you can actually choose); Snow, Crisp, and Dark.

PB&J Bars

betty lous pbj barsMy kids went crazy over these bars. I wasn’t as crazy over these as the kids, but they are super tasty. The reason I can give these bars a great review is because my kids are picky eaters, there is no doubt about it. And on their resume, they absolutely boast that they are peanut butter and jelly connoisseurs. They won’t eat just any peanut butter, or jelly, so they are the authority on a good PB&J. We were sent both flavors, blueberry and strawberry. (Part of the secret to this bars success is that the peanut butter is baked right into the cookie!)They tried the strawberry and my 6-year-old has been begging for the other one ever since. I am keeping it as a bargaining tool. I know that it will come in handy with as much as he loves them.

Gluten Free Baking Mixes

betty lous baking mixesAnother kid approved, and mom approved, win. These gluten free baking mixes are to die for. I made the brownies a couple of days ago and they are by far the best boxed brownies I have ever baked. Even the kids couldn’t believe that they were from a box. I was almost sad that I had to admit that they weren’t my creation, but I pulled through. Aside from these being gluten free, for all of my gluten free friends, the one thing I love most about these mixes is that they don’t take eggs or milk! Just oil and water. Super simple to mix up and toss in the oven. I cooked the brownies in my favorite silicone pan and they came out perfectly. No sticking, no burning, just ooey, gooey, goodness.

Powdered Peanut Butters

betty lous peanut butterLast, but definitely not least, their powdered peanut butters. They come in original, protein plus, and chocolate. Yes, chocolate lovers unite. You can now eat your chocolate peanut butter with 90% LESS fat than your average chocolate peanut butter. I have heard a lot of complaints that powdered peanut butter can’t stand up to regular peanut butter thickness wise, but in the case of Betty Lou’s, that just isn’t true. You can make it as thick, or as thin, as you want. The options are endless, and the taste is incredible. I think I may just be able to fall in love with peanut butter again!

betty lous browniesAside from all of the products that I was lucky enough to try they have also created protein shakes, crackers, probiotic bites, organic Just Great Stuff bars, and Alpsnacks. I can only imagine how tasty, and full of healthy goodness, these products are as well. I may just have to sample some. Healthy, safe ingredients made with love. You don’t get serious cravings after eating them. You feel good about how you have snacked, and I really like that the company, and its employees, have so much passion about the foods that they are helping us bring into our homes. “Just Great Stuff…. And Plenty of It”.

These products were sent to me by Betty Lou’s to review for free for my honest opinion. I only promote products that I truly love, and trust.

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