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Movie Night – Foodstirs Baking Kit Review

Movie Night….

For almost two weeks now my kids have been begging me for a movie night. The weather has been off and on rainy, and when it is sunny the ground is to wet to send them out to play. I guess you could say that they are getting a little bit of cabin fever. I planned on setting up a “movie afternoon” for them over this four-day weekend and surprising them with a movie, popcorn, and something sweet. I got all the guess work taken out of trying to figure out which sweet treat to make when I received a baking kit in the mail.

movie+night4I must be honest, I have never worked with a baking kit before, but Foodstirs was kind enough to send me their “Movie Night” baking kit and their timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. (If you love baking kit subscriptions, this is it! This is the featured baking kit this month.) I know that these kits are meant to be baked with the kids, but I wanted to try it out and surprise them. I must admit that I was a little taken aback by the ingredient list since I haven’t used eggs, or dairy yogurt, in my cooking in so long, but I knew that I needed to give it a try. I can tell you right now that the rise on these cupcakes was magnificent, and the smell of vanilla, when I pulled them out of the oven, was enough to make angels sing. Fighting my urge to frost them warm, I allowed them to completely cool overnight.

movie+night3This morning I tackled the frosting. Of course, I had to taste it before I stirred in the marshmallows, and to me it tasted very much like cream cheese frosting, it was absolutely amazing. Then it got a little tricky. Once I combined the frosting and the marshmallows it was time to cover the beautiful mounds of vanilla goodness. The only problem was, the frosting wanted to stick to me more than to the cupcake. My tip for this issue is to allow the frosting to rest for 2-3 minutes before frosting the cupcakes. It will be less sticky as it starts to set. Once the frosting completely sets the little “tubs of popcorn” look more realistic. But make sure you arrange your marshmallows the way you want them because once the frosting sets up you won’t want to move them. And be sure to add your sprinkles and tap them lightly to secure them to the frosting before it sets so they stick.

movie+night2Then the big moment finally arrived. It was time to taste these little artistic creations and see if they tasted as good as they smelled. I don’t know if my description can even do these cupcakes justice, but I will do my best. The texture of the cupcakes was dense, but spongy with a medium crumb. They had taken a little longer to cook than the recipe suggested so I was afraid that they would be dry, but they were anything but dry. The combination of the vanilla cupcake and the creamy marshmallow studded frosting were a perfect compliment to each other. They are nice and sweet, but not overly sweet. And I love that they are made with all organic ingredients.

movie+night555I hope that I have successfully teased you into wanting to create your own movie night. The kids will love you, you might get a few minutes of peace and quiet while they are enjoying their cupcakes, and maybe you will give in and enjoy the indulgence that these cupcakes offer for the adult taste to. Oh! Just in case you were worried that you might not know where to find them, you can use Foodstirs handy dandy store locator to find a store near you. No matter how you decide to eat these indulgent, organic, treats, hurry up and make them, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Have you tried Foodstirs baking kits yet?



This blog has not been compensated for this post. I received the above products from Foodstirs to try for free. I only endorse products that I truly believe in.

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