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You Need This – Creamy Non-Dairy Tomato Soup

You Need This…..

Happy New Year, everyone! How is 2018 treating you so far? If you didn’t follow my suggestion from my New Year’s Eve post, you might actually be nursing a little bit of a hangover right now. Sorry. ☹ If that is the case I hope that you saw 2018 in with a bang. I was sitting at home with the family, drinking a few drinks, glad that I didn’t have to be out in the cold, or worry about having to find a way home from whatever party I was at.  I remember bar hopping for New Years Eve in 1999 with a gown and heels. We had so much snow that by the end of the night my shoes fell apart from getting wet. Now THAT is partying. 😉

tomato+soup3Anyway, enough about the good old days. Whether you have a hangover, or not, I have the cure for you today. I have the absolutely most simple recipe for creamy, non-dairy, tomato soup, that you will ever find. Generally, when people take the non-dairy route with cream soups the use a plant based milk and then cornstarch, or agar agar, to thicken it up. Well, when was the last time you saw me do something like everyone else. Thanks to Kite Hill I am bringing you the creamiest, and I mean creamiest, non-dairy tomato soup that you have ever had. I promise, you will never buy canned soup again. I was lucky enough to stumble across their almond cream cheese. Yes, you read that right. ALMOND cream cheese. It is everything that dairy should be. I can honestly say that this cream cheese can replace dairy cream cheese anywhere. And you can use their STORE LOCATOR to find some!


Compared to dairy cream cheese Kite Hill’s cream cheese pretty much beats them on all levels.

Dairy Cream Cheese

Per 1 oz

100 calories

10 g fat

1 g sugar

2 g protein


Kite Hill Cream Cheese

78 calories

6 g fat

0 g sugar

3 g protein


tomato+soup2Here is how simple this soup is. You can use either canned whole tomatoes, or fresh. I used canned just because they are cheaper right now then buying fresh. If you use canned, make sure that they are organic, and the can is BPA free. If you use fresh, just drop the tomatoes in boiling water for about 3 minutes. Wait until the skin starts to crack. Then place them in a bowl of ice water. You can take the peel right off and pop them straight in the blender. Voila! Other than salt, pepper, Sugar 2.0, and dry basil, the only other ingredient is Kite Hill almond cream cheese. That is it! You can literally make your own creamy, homemade, tomato soup in under 15 minutes. It takes that long to heat up a can of tomato soup! I am going to let you go now, so you can recover, or make some soup. Either way, happy new year, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

What do you like to eat with your tomato soup?

Creamy Non-Dairy Tomato Soup

By Angie Gouchenour

2 Servings


28 ounce can of whole tomatoes

1 teaspoon salt

1 Tablespoon Sugar 2.0

1 teaspoon dry basil

Dash of pepper

¼ cup Kite Hill Plain Cream Cheese


Place the tomatoes in the blender. Blend completely. (This is really quick.)

Pour the puree into a medium sauce pan, over medium heat on the stove top

Add the salt, Sugar 2.0, dry basil, pepper, and Kite Hill Plain Cream Cheese

Stir until bubbly and the cream cheese is melted (You can squish any cream cheese lumps against the side of the pan. You may have little specs of cream cheese leftover throughout, but it tastes so good.)


164 calories per serving

This blog has not been compensated for this post. I received the above products from Kite Hill to try for free.  I only endorse products that I truly believe in.

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