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It Just Makes Everything Better – 3 Ingredient Whipped Frosting

It Just Makes Everything Better…..

I don’t care where you are in your life, what food journey you are on, or how healthy you are, if you are honest you will admit that there are just times in life that call for a cupcake loaded up with frosting. There are going to be birthday parties, wedding showers, baby showers, anniversaries, and plain old Tuesdays. I’d love to tell you that the frosting recipe that I’m going to share with you today is low calorie, low fat, and has magical health benefits, but it doesn’t. It just tastes really, REALLY good. The upside of this frosting is that it is dairy free, nut free (for those who are still able to consume coconut products), and it does have reduced sugar and boosted fiber. So, it isn’t a complete wash in the health department. But most important of all it just tastes like a million bucks!whipped frosting


The stats on this whipped confection are super simple

104 calories

7 grams fat

7 grams net carbs

7 grams sugar

7 grams fiber

whipped frosting5Over all the nutritional values are just about the same as your regular buttercream frosting except for the fact that thanks to Sugar 2.0 knowing the value of adding fiber to their sugar it also cuts your carbs in half! Thanks to the fiber you can feel better knowing that your blood sugar will stay stable and instead of feeling the need to eating the entire batch, you can eat just one. We all deserve treats in our lives and the fact that we can tweak some of our favorites to be a little bit healthier is something worth celebrating. Worth celebrating with a frosted cupcake. 😉

whipped frosting4I will give you one BIG WARNING though. No matter how inclined you are to add milk of any kind DON’T! I thought, “Hmmmm this isn’t creamy enough, I’ll just add the tiniest bit of cashew milk. Just like in a regular buttercream”. Oh, no. DISASTER! It seized up the entire batch of frosting. So, hating to waste anything I figured that I could repurpose it by melting it and putting it in the cupcakes. Ummmm, it didn’t melt. So, I ended up with some melted coconut oil and a big clump of Sugar 2.0 taffy in the middle of my cupcake batter. Rather than push my luck any further hoping that it would melt in the baking process I just picked it out and chalked it up as a lesson learned. Stick to the three simple ingredients, don’t try to get fancy, and your frosting will turn out just fine.

White dairy free nut free whipped cupcake or cookie frostingThis is some of the whitest frosting I have ever seen. It works great in a piping bag, and spreads beautifully with a knife, or spatula. It can be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container and then resoftened by setting it out on the counter. If the temperature of your house is under 80’f your cupcakes will be counter stable and the frosting will even set like regular butter cream. I’ve creamed the frosting by hand when using a piping bag and to make it fluffier for use with a spatula I used a hand mixer. Both ways work beautifully. You know you want some frosting, so make a batch, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

What are you going to frost?

3 Ingredient Whipped Frosting

By Angie Gouchenour

Servings 7

White dairy free nut free whipped cupcake or cookie frostingIngredients

½ cup Sugar 2.0

1 teaspoon corn starch

¼ cup room temperature coconut oil


In a coffee grinder combine the Sugar 2.0 and corn starch and blend to a fine powder to make powdered sugar

In a medium bowl combine room temperature coconut oil and “powdered sugar” and cream by hand or blend with a hand mixer

IT WILL COME TOGETHER. Do NOT add milk. You will have cement.

Frost your favorite cupcakes or cookies

You can store in the refrigerator and then soften by leaving it out on the counter for about 30 minutes

See notes above



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