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They Make You Smile – Natural Rainbow Sprinkles

They Make You Smile……

sprinkles5With a three-day weekend stretching out before us I thought I would continue being ahead of the game for this week and get my post written for Monday. I was really excited yesterday when I was able to get my photos taken three days early and I am trying to keep up the moment through the rest of the week. I feel like I have spent the last two days in the kitchen without a rest and thought that right now would be a good time to take a break and talk about my newest creation. The recipe that my four-year-old has been hounding me for months to make. And now that I have, and found out how incredibly easy it is, she is going to want them all the time. 🙂

sprinkles7Today is all about sprinkles! If we are honest I think about 95% of us will admit that just about everything tastes better with sprinkles. Little pieces of sugary confetti that brighten up the most lack luster cupcake, or the dreariest mood. Sprinkles can change your average frosted cookie from boring, to beautiful. Ice cream is never lonely when you top it off with a few shakes of rainbow infused sweetness. And every little girl dreams of ALL her food being covered in sprinkles. (I won’t lie, this morning I put some on her hot cereal just to get her to eat it. And she did!) I personally feel that the sprinkles in the store are overpriced, over processed, and to tiny! I could have taken the glamorous route with these sprinkles, by piping them onto parchment in a thin line, but I wanted more of a rustic, confetti look. Look achieved. 😉

sprinkles5Part of the beauty of these sprinkles is that they are Non Gmo and I didn’t use any artificial colors. If you choose to use food coloring, you’ll need to dial back the water just a little bit. For the pink sprinkles I used strawberry juice, the purple is from blueberry juice, and the yellow was created from turmeric water. (Combine the juice with water depending on how dark you want your colors.) Because of the sugar in the fruit the first two mixtures were a little bit thicker than the turmeric, but once they dried they all dried the same. Once the mixture dries it looks pearled and swirly, that is normal, and gorgeous. Just a note on when you are mixing the ingredients together, it may seem like the liquid keeps separating from the “gel”, but when you pour it out onto the parchment paper it combines. It is the craziest mix; it almost reminds me of the green goo that came in the little plastic eggs when I was a kid. For the first couple of hours I would check on the papers and hold them up and gently tap the back of the paper so the mixture would spread out a little, then I just left them over night and they had dried into sweet little puddles of color by the next morning.

sprinkles4I have to say that, to date, this is probably one of the most fun, and one of the easiest recipes I have put together. I love anything that takes less than 5 ingredients, and has limited hands on activity.  This recipe is super speedy. I will warn you though, that once you make these your kids will be begging for them constantly. I have no idea how long they last since they were eaten in a couple of days, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say they will last a couple of weeks in a sealed container if they are in a cool place. I just put the ones I made in a little jar and put it in the spice cabinet. No matter how you will use them make a quick batch of these little beauties, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

sprinkles2How will you use your sprinkles?

What are your favorite colors for sprinkles?

Natural Rainbow Sprinkles

By Angie Gouchenour

Makes 3 Tablespoons (approximately)


2 Tablespoons non gmo cornstarch

1 Tablespoon Sugar 2.0

3 teaspoons water infused with juice of your choice (Use fresh, frozen, or freeze dried. NOT BOTTLED)

NOTE: I separated this into 3 portions for 3 different colors. Each portion was

2 teaspoons non gmo cornstarch

1 teaspoon Sugar 2.0

3/4 teaspoon water infused juice


Mix all the ingredients together and pour onto parchment paper

After about an hour tip the paper on its side and gently tap the back to thin it out (I’d do this twice. Two hours in a row)

Then leave in a cool dark place over night

When dry use a knife to cut into pieces

NOTE: If you want to get fancy you can use a small tipped piping bag, or baggie with the corner cut off, to make strips. I like the larger pieces, and the rustic look of using the “puddle method”.


8 thoughts on “They Make You Smile – Natural Rainbow Sprinkles

  1. I’m not much a fan of sprinkles, but these I could get on board with. They remind me of flavored chocolate!! Who doesn’t love that! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

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