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Traditional Turned Sophisticated for Mom – Banana Split Shortcake

Traditional Turned Sophisticated for Mom…..

strawberry shortcake banana split8Mother’s day is coming up in just two short weeks. Who says that Mother’s day pampering needs to end at breakfast? Somehow, that doesn’t seem fair. Of course this recipe could absolutely be used as breakfast, although the mother in your life may look at you kind of weird, or she might just thank you for serving her dessert for breakfast! You may be the new favorite person in her life. 😉 Later I will help you deconstruct this special treat just in case you want to double duty the star of the show.

strawberry shortcake banana split5When I first started out to create this recipe it was meant to be a super traditional strawberry shortcake with whipped cream. Easy simple, and an old favorite that should never be messed with. Right? WRONG! I can be honest. I hate strawberry shortcake. I was making it with my husband in mind. When I went to make the recipe I was missing one critical ingredient, coconut cream. Rather than running to the store I decided to improvise and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did. The biscuit, the base of the dessert, is really the super star here. When I got done with my photo shoot I asked my husband, and my picky 4 and 5-year-old, if they wanted to try them. My husband fell in love right away. After barely sticking the tip of his tongue out for a taste, our son who doesn’t like to try anything new asked for a whole one for himself. Seeing that of course his sister wanted one. Next thing I knew I turned around and they were splitting the last one in the dish.

strawberry shortcake banana split2
The part of the photo shoot I enjoy the most… the part where I get to eat the “subject”.

Instead of whipped coconut cream I opted for making a simple, two ingredients, banana “nice cream”. I’ve made it in the past where I’ve added vanilla, or other ingredients to it, but this simple combo of bananas and cashew milk make the perfect partner to the sweet biscuits that I lightly spiced with cinnamon. With the biscuit, bananas, and strawberries the dessert was turning into a sophisticated banana split. So, what goes best on top of a banana split? Chocolate syrup of course! The kicker is that this entire dessert is good for you!

strawberry shortcake banana split6

This dessert has under 200 calories, boasts a nice amount of fiber, and reduced sugar (only 13 grams, 8 of which are from fruit!). If you were to eat a Betty Crocker biscuit shortcake with whipped cream, you would be consuming over 400 calories and 23 grams of refined sugar.

strawberry shortcake banana split4If you are like me, and you like your recipes to work for multiple meals, these little biscuits can work for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. As I mentioned, everyone liked them plain. They don’t need butter or jam. That are slightly sweet, with a hint of cinnamon, and they have a small crumb. They will also work perfectly as a side for any soup, or chili, and if you like biscuits and gravy THESE are the biscuits you need to be using. You don’t have to fuss with rolling, or cutting out, drop biscuits are the easiest biscuit to make. They don’t get tough, they aren’t messy, and they are super quick to make. Plus, these are sweet, so they make a beautiful sweet and savory combo for the gravy. 😉 No matter which meal you serve this dessert at make sure of one thing, let the mom in your life sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Do you like traditional strawberry shortcake?

What are your thoughts on “cross breeding” classic desserts?

Banana Split Shortcake

By Angie Gouchenour

4 Servings

Dairy free nice cream topping a lightly sweetened cinnamon sugar 2.0 biscuit with my 3 ingredient chocolate syrupIngredients


¼ cup coconut oil – CHILLED

¾ cup white wheat flour

1 Tablespoon + 1 teaspoon Sugar 2.0

2 teaspoons baking powder

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ cup plant based milk – I used unsweetened cashew milk

Banana Nice Cream

2 medium bananas – Chopped and frozen

½ cup plant milk – I used unsweetened cashew milk


3 Ingredient Chocolate Syrup

Strawberries – Diced



In a medium bowl combine the chilled coconut oil, flour, Sugar 2.0, baking powder, and cinnamon together with forks, or a pastry cutter, until the oil and flour become crumbly

Stir in the milk until combined and place in the refrigerator

Preheat the oven to 425’

When the oven is heated drop the biscuit dough by spoonful onto a parchment paper covered cookie sheet. (This makes 5 biscuits, so you’ll have one left over for yourself!)

Place in the preheated oven for 15 minutes

Remove and allow to cool

Banana Nice Cream

In a blender combine the frozen banana chunks and plant milk

Blend on high until all the banana is completely blended

The mixture will be thick so it may sound like your blender is struggling a bit (I use my single serve blender)

Spoon into a container and freeze for an hour (You can freeze for longer, but it will get harder. Then you will need to allow it to sit at room temp to soften up a bit)


Take one biscuit and cut the rounded top off to create a flat surface (you can eat it or put it to the side) and place the biscuit on a plate or in a bowl

Place a scoop (1/4 of the nice cream) of banana on top of the biscuit

Drizzle with chocolate syrup and top with the strawberries

Voila! ENJOY!

16 thoughts on “Traditional Turned Sophisticated for Mom – Banana Split Shortcake

    1. Thank you! I will be honest, I haven’t tried making it gluten free, but you can always try. 🙂 When I am trying out a new recipe I always cut it way down. With this I made a single biscuit until I got it how I wanted it. 😉 I say go for it! Let me know how it turns out. 🙂


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