Plant Strong for 20 Years – Field Roast Review

Plant Strong for 20 Years ……

Yay, another review! I have to admit that my reviews are gathering a lot more traffic than any other post on my blog. That is ok! As a consumer, who doesn’t like to waste money, I depend on reviews when making my decisions. From hotels, to restaurants, mechanics, schools, and food I read source after source containing reviews making sure that I am making the most educated decision possible. Most people have nothing to gain from reviews so I feel comfortable in usually going with whatever majority rules.

Photo courtesy of Field Roast


Today’s review is on Field Roast grain meat who just celebrated their 20th anniversary. Yep, you guessed it, it IS a plant based food. When you eat faux meat that is processed you have got to be really careful about what you buy. A lot of the vegan meats are just as bad as anything else that you could get out of a box, can, or frozen section. If I am going to consume a processed food I have one main requirement, it has to have high quality ingredients. Then of course I like the ingredients to stay minimal.

Photo courtesy of Field Roast


Now, I don’t consume faux meat on a daily basis, but when I am in the mood for a treat, or food that feels like a “cheat”, but won’t set me back, I reach for a Field Roast product. I have tried the Apple and Sage Sausages and the Chipotle Sausages, but I have to say that so far their frankfurters are my absolute, all-time favorite. Even if I ate meat I would eat these over a high quality beef, or turkey, hot dog any day. Each product has different ingredients so check the labels for gluten, or vegan friendly, to make sure that they meet your individual needs.

High quality ingredients!

Photo courtesy of Field Roast

Wheat Protein

The high protein in Field Roast products comes from vital wheat gluten. Vital wheat gluten is made by rinsing the starches out of a wheat dough through a kneading process using water. In a large flour mill, the process begins by mixing water into the wheat flour to make a dough.  The dough is then placed into a centrifuge where the starches are removed.  This leaves pure wheat protein that is dried and ground into vital wheat gluten flour.


Vegetables are a very important part of all Field Roast products. We are able to create rich, natural flavors by using whole ingredients from the earth. Among these ingredients are Yukon gold potatoes, Washington apples, butternut squash, mushrooms, red and green bell peppers, eggplant, cranberries, carrots, celery and much more.


Each Field Roast product has a unique blend of spices to complement and enhance their natural flavors. Hints of ginger and rubbed sage are found in the Smoke Apple Sage Sausage, cumin and oregano in the Mexican Chipotle Sausage, and garlic and fennel in the Italian Sausage. A warming blend of nutmeg, ginger and black pepper is offered from the Apple Maple Breakfast Sausage.

I have eaten Field Roast a dozen different ways. You can keep it super simple and just toss a frank in a whole wheat bun with some Dijon mustard over the top, or you can use it to replace meat in just about any dish you can think of. I have chopped it up and put it on salad, sliced it diagonal to make a beautiful hash presentation, chopped it to look like ground me in tacos, and served it alongside breakfast dishes just like you would any other sausage. The taste is amazing, and you don’t feel any of the ill affects like a lot of meat based hot dogs leave you with.

Super simple Field Roast frankfurter sliced diagonal, with potato medallions, with peppers and onions.

I like to stock up on them when they are on sale, but over all their price isn’t that bad. It is actually less expensive than a meat product, and they are healthier for you. Trust me, your will fall in love at first bite! You can find them in the cooler in the organic section of your store. I buy mine at Kroger, but I have seen them at Target, Sprouts, and Whole Foods. If you want to see if your store carries Field Roast product you can click HERE. You can also follow them on Facebook HERE. I haven’t tried their “cheeses” yet, but I know that when I do, I will love them. I trust the quality of this company’s products and I will continue to be a loyal customer. With grilling season right around the corner, now you can be sure to buy the best to throw on the grill for your plant based, or vegan friends! Then you can sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Have you ever tried Field Roast?

What type of meatless products have you tried?

I have not been compensated for this review in any way. All of my thoughts are original and my own.


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