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A Round Up for the Winter Chill – Soups On! (With a recipe from a new fav)

A Round Up for the Winter Chill…..

I’ve been watching the trees blowing around outside all morning, and not even a shred of sun has decided to grace us with its presence today. We don’t have any more rain in the forecast for about a week, but there are rumors that we should be getting some snow Friday night. We live in the south, but grew up on the west coast, spent years in the Midwest, and other areas that get significant amounts of snow, so while we aren’t really batting an eye at the little dusting that is being called for, the rest of the Georgia natives are losing their minds. In saying that, I foresee a lot of people staying in this weekend around here, so I thought I’d compile some warm, and toasty, soup recipes, to keep everyone warmed through, and well-nourished during the impending “storm”. 😉

Sweet Root Winter Soup


This is my most recent creation that I posted earlier in the week. There aren’t a lot of ingredients, it is super simple, and doesn’t take long to make. If you are trying to get your greens in, this soup is the way to go!

Spicy Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili


Tired of the same old chili recipes? This one is meatless with sweet potatoes in its place. If you want a chili that is going to warm you up, you have chosen the right one. This recipe is spicy!

Natural Detox Soup

detox soup2

This is a great soup for any time, but especially for those who are trying to get back on track. It has a little bit of everything, it is filling, and you can eat it several times a day.

Penny Pincher Potato Soup

potato soup

This is one of my most popular soup recipes because it is so cheap to make, and there isn’t any milk, of any kind used, but it is super creamy. Just a few ingredients, a little bit of time, and a giant loaf of sweet dark bread on the side, you have yourself an inexpensive, filling, and tasty meal.

One Pot Jambalaya Soup

Photo Courtesy of Lauren’s Recipe Box

For those of you who are crying out for the meat I wanted to add a recipe from one of my new favorite blogs. This soup is loaded with amazingly good eats, and is packed with flavor. You can find this recipe, and so many others, at Lauren’s Recipe Box.

What is your favorite type of soup?

Do you consider soup a meal, or a side?

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