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Cooking 101 -What To Do When You Realize You Are Out of Cupcake Papers

What To Do When You Realize You Are Out of Cupcake Papers….

cupcake-papersSunday night we were eating dinner and our five-year-old asked me if I could make him some of his favorite muffins, and some chocolate, after dinner. The last thing I felt like doing was baking, or cooking, any more that day. So, I promised him that I would make him some Double Chocolate Muffins, and a chocolate bar, the next day. He was happy enough with that answer, but I knew that the next day I would absolutely have to follow through with my promise because he would be looking for his treats when he got home from school. And a task that was going to be even bigger was keeping his little sister out of everything while she was waiting for him to come home.

cupcake-papers2After painting all morning, I remembered my promise about an hour before it was time to pick him up. I decided to throw a quick batch in the oven, but when I went to get the ingredients I was missing cupcake papers. I didn’t have time to run to the store, and my finicky little eaters won’t eat the cupcakes if they come straight out of the pan. (I have no idea why.) I think it all started when I made a big deal out of no longer using non-stick spray because of how unhealthy it is. They pick up on that stuff really quickly.

cupcake-papers3Thankfully I had a roll of parchment paper in the drawer and so “project muffin” could continue. I won’t lie, these aren’t quite as easy as just tossing a little pre-made muffin paper into the muffin tin, but it is pretty, and is crazy easy. If you have parchment paper, scissors, and a little cup (I used a yogurt cup), you can have muffin papers in minutes. I don’t measure them, or even really worry about how straight they are, after all, isn’t that part of the charm when things are homemade?

cupcake-papers4I used regular size muffin tins because I just couldn’t imagine taking the time to cut all the little squares it would take to make mini muffins, but if you want to give it a try I would love to know how they turn out!


STEP 1: Cut a length of parchment paper just a little bit longer than the muffin tin.

STEP 2: Cut the paper into four strips from side to side, not end to end.

STEP 3: Cut each strip into three squares, they don’t have to be perfect.

STEP 4: Lay a square over one of the muffin tin openings and gently press down with a cup just a little smaller than the tin.

STEP 5: Hold the paper with your fingers and drop the batter in.

NOTE: I fill the paper with just enough batter to hold it down. Then I go back and fill them the rest of the way once they are all in the pan.

cupcake-papers7And there you have it! As long as you keep a roll of parchment paper on hand, which you should always have since you want to use aluminum foil as little as possible due to its link to dementia, you will never be out of muffin liners. If you are giving them as gifts, and you want to get really fancy you can always use pinking shears to cut the paper. I also find that when parchment paper is used the muffin, or cupcake, comes out much easier without leaving half of the baked good stuck to the inside. Although some people find that to be the best part. 😉

cupcake-papers5What do you do when you run out of muffin papers?

Have you ever used parchment paper in place of store bought muffin papers?

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