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Dessert in Under 15 Minutes – Single Serve Apple Pie Wrap

Dessert in Under 15 Minutes ……

apple-tart2Ahhhh finally, time to sit down, drink a cup of coffee, and relax for a few minutes. Today was the first day for our little man to go back to school since we have moved. When we were in Kentucky he was only going to half day Kindergarten, but here in Georgia he is a full time Kindergartener. I took him in this morning, with our little princess in tow proudly introducing her brother to everyone we passed. I took him down to his class and he made a new friend right away, and all of the other kids coming in were so friendly I was able to peacefully leave knowing he was in good hands, and would have a lot of fun. I think that new situations like this are harder on us as parents then they are on the kids. That is a good thing I guess. I would much rather have a child who quickly adapts to new situations rather than feel guilty every time I had to pry a crying, screaming child off of my leg.

apple-tart17apple-tart19As promised, today I am bringing you a new recipe. It is a super simple, yet impressive dessert, that is single serve, under 200 calories, and can be made in under 15 minutes. This dessert is a cross between a traditional pie, and a hand pie. And we all know that when you have a fruit pie you must top it with something whether it is meringue, ice cream, or whipped cream. For this dessert I opted for ice cream, and found the perfect one to keep the calories in check, with some added benefits, and ALL the taste of a naughty luscious vanilla bean cream. It is called Halo Top 240 and you can find it in the freezer next to the coconut milk, and almond milk treats.


Below are step by step pictures of how to easily fold the sides of the wrap. The only tricky part it when you put it in the pan. Most of the folds stick because of the “caramel”, just be careful it doesn’t open as you lay it down.


Wanting to keep things simple, the calories down, and the nutrition up, I chose to use a low carb wheat wrap in place of a traditional pie crust. The brand I chose is Ole Xtreme Wellness wheat, low carb, high fiber wraps. They are soft, and pliable, with a nice semi-sweet taste, and they are only 50 calories! (Don’t worry, they are safe. While I’m not a fan of a lot of processed foods, this is one of those foods that you can use from time to time and feel ok about it.) You can find them in just about any store, just make sure you read the label and don’t get the Tomato and Basil flavored ones, I don’t think that would be a very good combination. 😉

apple-tart7apple-tart6apple-tart2Now you have a super quick, healthy, and impressive go to dessert for any night of the week. You can make one, or several. (I won’t even suggest that you share this single serve bit of perfection) If you want to take a few extra minutes you can turn the heat down to low and the wrap will start to bubble, giving it a flaky crust like texture. No matter how you choose to eat it make sure you give it a try. Keep it simple, sit back, relax, and enjoy it!

Do you like apple pie?

Would you eat alone, or share?

Single Serve Apple Pie Wrap

1 Serving

apple-tart4By Angie Gouchenour


1 low carb wheat wrap (I used Ole Xtreme Wellness)

1 medium apple (I chose gala)

2 teaspoon brown sugar – packed

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ Tablespoon coconut oil


Cut and core the apple slicing each half into medium moon shaped slices

In a small fry pan melt the brown sugar, cinnamon, and coconut oil together over medium heat

Toss in the cut up apple, gently fold over to coat

Cover the pan for 3-5 minutes, stirring once, until the apples are softened

Remove the pan from the heat

Lay the wrap on a flat surface and spoon the apples, and all the gooey “caramel” into the center

Fold an eighth of the wrap over, and then make little folds, like a purse, all the way around (See above for step by step pictures)

Place the pan back on the heat and gently lay the filled wrap apple side down and brown for about 2 minutes

Using a spatula gently turn the “pie” over and brown the other side

Transfer to a plate, top with your favorite ice cream, and enjoy!

179 calories



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