Buy Healthy for Less – Thrive Market Review

Buy Healthy for Less……

thrive3Good evening everyone! While I am waiting to roll out a few new recipes that I am working on I thought that I would bring you a review. I just finished painting the kitchen, errands are done for the day, and the kids are playing, momentarily, so I decided to touch base with everyone and report my newest addiction. If you haven’t already seen the news about this store circulating, let me fill you in!

thrive4There were a couple of reasons that I decided to give Thrive Market a try. First they were offering a really nice jar of raw honey as an incentive for free. The fact that I am ALWAYS looking for cheaper ways to buy organic products, and the fact that I was going to get a 30-day free trial before I had to pay for my year’s membership. It sounded like a win win all the way around. I decided to order some products that I had wanted to try before, but they were just too expensive anywhere else. I was quoted approximately a week after my order processed to receive it, but it arrived within 3 days. The customer service is amazing, and for the most part the prices are unbeatable. (There were a few items, that I was able to find at other stores that were a little bit cheaper, but not many.)

thrive2For those who aren’t swayed either way by organic products there are other products that aren’t organic, but are still considered healthy. From tea to lotion, vinegars to cake mix, they pretty much have it all. All orders over $49 have free shipping, which is really easy to do. Actually to easy….

Three items that we fell in love with are

  1. thrive7Teeccino Herbal Coffee Tee Bags – Chocolate: They are caffeine and acid free. My hubby gave up his beloved hot chocolate last winter and I’ve been searching for something to take its place ever since. When I ran across this I thought I’d have him give it a try. It contains chicory so that sold me right there. HE LOVES IT! I would personally drink it with a little bit of half and half, but he is happy with just a packet of Truvia stirred in.
  1. thrive8Really Raw Unstrained Honey: THIS is my little “pot of gold”. I have been looking for affordable raw honey for ages, and finally, here it is! What I love about this honey is it is raw, it is seasonal, and they leave some pollen and honey comb in each jar. They don’t store bunches of honey; they take it from the hive to the jar. The taste is phenomenal. Each type of honey has a distinct taste, and this one just melts in your mouth.
  1. thrive6AH! Laska Organic Dairy Free Chocolate Syrup: Quite a bit of chocolate syrup was used in our house once upon a time before I got mean and took all the “good stuff” away. 😉 The kids have been asking me to buy chocolate syrup repeatedly for a while now, but I refused to buy Nesquick, or any of those other brands that are less than safe to drink. I stumbled upon this chocolate syrup and even though I was worried that they might not like it because they didn’t recognize the packaging, they are odd like that, I was surprised. They absolutely love it. One Tablespoon in about 16 oz of milk satisfies them. (They drink it over the period of several hours.)

thrive5I could go on and on about prices, and products, and what a great find this is, but I will bring this to a close. I’m not getting paid by Thrive for this post, I am a paying customer, and have purchased a membership just like everyone else. 🙂 BUT if you do decide to become a member click HERE and they will be kind enough to give me a little referral compensation. Being able to afford to eat healthy has never been easier, and they also donate memberships to families who aren’t able to afford them for themselves. I always love it when companies give back. Take a few minutes to browse through their store, so you can Thrive, too.



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