Too Good To Be True? – Zero Carb Noodle Review

Too Good to be True???? 

miracle noodles3Most often if you see a product that says sugar free, fat free, carb free, or low calorie you should probably be wary, and looking for a veritable chemical science experiment. More often than not zero anything is a pretty good indicator that what you are reading is too good to be true. In many cases when a component is removed from a food, such as fat, another component is added, like sugar, to enhance the taste so you don’t feel like you are missing anything, when in reality you are getting a double dose of something else that is equally as bad, or worse.

miracle noodles7Allow me to go into this by saying that I am not a low carb person, and I rarely, if ever, recommend a low carb way of eating. Everything needs a balance, and our bodies need good carbs for energy. Good carbs from veggies, fruit, dairy, and whole grains, not cakes, fast foods, and sugars. And while I do not recommend low carb, or eat low carb myself, there are times when your carb intake can still be rather high, even when you are eating clean and unprocessed, so there are times when it is good to eat some lower carb foods to keep your numbers in the proper range for your body type.

miracle noodles6I haven’t really been eating a whole lot of pasta over the last six months, but I was intrigued when I saw “miracle noodles”. I looked at them online, I researched the ingredients, and really wanted to try them just to see if they would hold up to all the hype that I had been reading about them. If they were a good substitute, or if they would be a total fail. While contemplating ordering the sample pack online, I found the same exact noodles, under a different name, at the grocery store so I decided to grab a package of those to determine if they were indeed worth the purchase.

miracle noodles5The brand I bought was called “Taste of Asia” wok ready fettuccine. The product contained zero net carbs, zero sugar, and only 20 calories for the entire package. The ingredients were simple; purified water, konjac flour, and calcium hydroxide. Due to the fact that konjac flour is veggie based, and essentially made up of fiber, the benefits that it provides are stopping cholesterol and glucose absorption. Konjac also swells when water is added and therefore has become very popular among those trying to lose weight because of the full feeling that is achieved. One other benefit is keeps up on intestinal “housekeeping”. All really good benefits.

miracle noodles4The ingredient that I was iffy about was calcium hydroxide. As with many “chemicals” there are those that are dangerous, and those that are food grade. Calcium Hydroxide is essentially “lime water” and has been used in different countries for hundreds of years. It helps with digestion, and to give the noodles texture. (If you look at the back of a bottle of water you will find more “chlorides”, “hydroxides”, and add ins than this product.)So, overall all three ingredients in these noodles are safe for consumption, and have quality health benefits.

miracle noodles3You are probably wondering what they taste like, and if they hold up to the hype. I can say that I was concerned whether I would be able to eat them, or not, based on the reviews of some people that had already tried them. A lot of people said they were great, but others claimed they had a fishy smell, and that the noodles were slimy. I can’t do slimy, ever. I am really texture sensitive and even foods like gelatin are hard for me to eat. I was very hesitant when I opened up the bag, but there wasn’t any smell. I rinsed the noodles like the package recommended, and prepared them just like the package stated that I should. I tasted them plain, no taste. They weren’t slimy, but they definitely weren’t a noodle texture. They kind of reminded me of cooked cabbage, texture wise. I did a little stir fry with the noodles, some chicken, cabbage, soy sauce, sesame oil, and sesame seeds and it was really good. I could tell that as I reached the end of my meal that these “noodles” MUST be eaten hot. As they cool off their texture is a little iffy. Between the cabbage, and the noodles, I stayed full for hours. Make sure to drink plenty of water with them and you’ll be full for a while. Over all this product will never replace noodles, but they are a good substitution if you have a noodle craving, and are watching your carbs. 😉

miracle noodles2If you are interested in checking them out here is the home of the real Miracle Noodles. Or you can Google “miracle noodles” and it will show you all the different brands available for purchase. 🙂

Have you ever tried zero carb noodles?

What was your experience?

I am not compensated for any of the reviews that I write, and all of the opinions are my own.

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