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Cooking 101 – Over Easy/Medium Egg Perfection

Over Easy/Medium Egg Perfection…..

zack newbornFive years ago today, at this very minute, I got to meet our little boy for the very first time. After waiting for him so long, it was the most amazing day ever. I can’t believe how fast he has grown in such a short time, and how much he has taught both me and my husband. We are constantly marveling over the fact that we didn’t think we’d ever get lucky enough to have a baby, but here he is. A little man that is full of energy, and affection. He is more than ready to start school in just a few weeks, and in the blink of an eye he will be off to college, or to boot camp, or some other adventure of his choice. He has put 4 behind him, and is ready to take on age 5 with super hero force. We know that whatever he puts his mind to, he will do great things in this life.

zack 5 yoHe is an odd little kid when it comes to sweets. He doesn’t like cake, or pie. He only likes a few kinds of cookies, and doesn’t really have a sense of adventure when it comes to food, so there was no need for me to make him a birthday cake or anything today. Yesterday when we went out the restaurant surprised him with a hot brownie sundae, and he didn’t have any interest in it at all. His little sister more than made up for his lack of enthusiasm as she polished off half of it in a blink of an eye. So, in saying that, I decided to just write a Cooking 101 post on frying the perfect egg. I know that it sounds simple enough, but believe it or not there are quite a few people who simply cannot fry an egg. That is until they read this!

fried eggStep 1

Heat 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in a small fry pan over MEDIUM heat just until it is melted

fried egg7Step 2

Spread the oil around the pan with a basting brush

Step 3

Gently crack 1, or 2, eggs into the pan

fried egg6Step 4

Cover the pan with a lid and leave it alone

fried egg5Step 5

The white will be cooked right before you notice the yolk starting to get a white film over the top just before it is ready (This takes about 4 min – 4:30)

fried egg4Step 6

Gently touch the top of the yolk with the spatula, it should be slightly jiggly. Pull the pan off the stove

fried egg3Step 7

Place the egg (s) on a plate (If you leave them in the pan to long after removing from the heat the yolk will firm up quickly)

fried egg2

Happy Frying!

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