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Cooking 101 – Slow It Down Banana Hack

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope that everyone had a great weekend. I have to say with hubs working 7 days a week the weekends are non-existent! Hopefully everyone had a memorable, and relaxing, Father’s day. We took a brief hike in the morning, but then off to work he went. At least he was able to make it home at a decent time in the afternoon so we got to spend some time together before the new week started again at 4:30am this morning. Fingers crossed that this week flies by and gets us to a mini vaca that we are planning next weekend!

banana hack2A while back I brought you a kitchen hack to quickly ripen bananas when it is to chilly out for them to ripen on their own. Now we seem to be having the opposite problem where the bananas I buy are ripening so fast that they are ready for banana bread in just a day, or two. No one wants to eat mushy, brown bananas. At least no one in my house does. 😉 I had been chopping them up and freezing them for smoothies, but after about 10 bananas I decided some research was in order to find out if there was any way to slow down the ripening process!

banana hack3Take heart my fellow banana buyers, there is hope! The consensus across the board was the same across the internet board. I had already started separating the bananas I brought home right away because that tends to slow down the ripening process, but we are past all that right now with it being 90 degrees outside and 77 degrees in the house. I found that the warmer it is the more gasses that are emitted from the stems causing them to ripen faster. Every article I read suggested wrapping the stems in plastic wrap to keep the gasses from escaping. I never use plastic wrap, so I didn’t have any on hand. Instead I used aluminum foil. The bananas are on day 4 and are still firm. They are no longer green, but they also aren’t ripening at such an alarming rate.

banana hackI send a banana in my husband’s lunch every day, and out of everyone he likes his the firmest. I could have taken the foil off, but he is use to me doing weird things with food, and trying new hacks all the time, so I just left the foil on the end to see how long it would take him to ask me about it. Finally, yesterday he had to ask, “So, um, what’s with the foil on the banana?” I have to admit that I found it pretty amusing, sad I know, but I explained it to him. He nodded. Pretty sure he was thinking in his head one of two things, how much of a genius I am, or how crazy I am. 😉 Pretty sure it was the latter. So, if you want to slow down the ripening process separate your bananas from each other as soon as you get them home and wrap little pieces of foil around the stem of each banana. You will get at least a couple extra days out of them before you are forced to freeze them, or bake with them.

Do you have a hack for slowing down ripening?

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