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Happy Friday – Angelic Bakehouse Review

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Happy Friday, everyone! As promised I am giving you a review of the Angelic Bakehouse products that I received a few weeks ago. I intended on sharing my opinion earlier in the week, but once again summer took over with taking the kids to stories in the park through our public library, water fights in the back yard, weeding, cooking, exercising, painting, running errands, and over all just trying to stay cool. Looking at Texas we really can’t complain here in Kentucky with the amount of rain they have been getting, or the record high heat they have been having in Arizona (We have lived in both places in the last 10 years.), but looking at the weather forecast it appears that our hot streak with be briefly coming to an end tomorrow when we get dumped on with the rain traveling up from the south. I guess that is just a really good excuse to get cooking so I have a bunch of recipes to share with you over the next week or so. 😉


angelic bakehouse9
Angelic Bakehouse


After being contacted by an Angelic Bakehouse representative they were kind enough to send me a gigantic box full of their products. I received premium wraps, bread, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, Flatzzas, and Flatzza buddies. What makes this product so unique is that all of the products that they create are made with sprouted grains, and you can absolutely tell the difference. According to Angelic Bakehouse….


angelic bakehouse4

All bread is not created equal. We take the purest non-GMO whole grains and craft them into something even better: Angelic Bakehouse® sprouted grains with more nutrient density and unprecedented taste and texture. We make them fresh, mix them fresh, and bake them fresh, each and every batch. It’s our little secret to achieving PURE BREAD PERFECTION.™ Once you try it, you will never settle for anything less.

Seeing is believing. Angelic products are made from a proprietary sprouted mash™ ingredient. Put white, whole wheat and sprouted flour breads side-by-side with Angelic’s and there’s no comparison. There isn’t a bread you can buy that meets Angelic’s standards for taste and texture.

angelic bakehouse10
From Angelic Bakehouse


I love the sprouted grain texture of the premium wraps, but they seem a bit to chewy for a traditional burrito, or enchilada. Call me crazy, but I like to eat mine simple with some crunchy natural peanut butter and a drizzle of honey.angelic bakehouse11.jpg


I like the Smart and Good looking bread; it makes great toast! The fact that it is only 60 calories is outstanding! It has a wonderful taste, and texture. The only thing I wish it had more of is nuts and seeds.angelic bakehouse3

angelic bakehouse6
Smart and Good looking bread with crunchy natural peanut butter and date syrup drizzled over the top



The hamburger and hot dog buns are a yummy change to plain old hamburger and hot dog buns. They are 130 calories per bun, but they are hearty and well worth the count!angelic bakehouse5

I haven’t had a chance to try the Flatzza because IT IS HUGE! But I am in LOVE with its little brother the Flatzza Buddy!

angelic bakehouse2I have tried it two ways. The first was using leftover grilled chicken and mozzarella cheese and baking it in the oven at 400’f for 15 minutes until it was bubbly and golden brown! And last Sunday I topped a couple with pepperoni, orange bell peppers, and mozzarella. I couldn’t improve them in any way. I love the texture, taste, and calories (only 130 calories each before topping!)

angelic bakehouse

angelic bakehouse7
Flatzza buddy with grilled chicken and mozzarella

I know that you can at least buy the premium wraps at Costco for a great price! If you want to find these products in your area, you can go here. If you would like to shop online, you can go here. Overall these products are definitely worth your time to try, you may just find your new love.



I love writing reviews on samples I receive, and certain products that I buy. All of my thoughts are honest, and original. I am not being compensated for my views, and the opinions are my own.

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