Flipdaddy’s + Yup Bar Review

Flipdaddy’s + Yup Bar Review…..

mothers day2016While this post was originally about my Mother’s Day, and a review, I guess that overall it will be a double review. How lucky are you?! We don’t go out to eat very often just because I have a hard time letting myself eat foods that are high in unhealthy fats, and sodium, not to mention cooked by someone else. But a couple of times a year I put my better judgment to the side and allow myself to enjoy a meal out. This year I wanted a really good hamburger, but I didn’t want to eat at a place that we have eaten before. My husband was kind enough to do some research, and read a ton of reviews, and he surprised me with a very local restaurant that turned out to be a total win!

mothers day2016 2Flipdaddy’s only has 6 locations between Kentucky, and Ohio, but if you get the chance this place is an absolute must! Their prices are reasonable, most burgers are $8-12, except for their Colossus Burger which is $16 and HUGE. The kid’s menu is great and each meal comes with their entrée, a choice of sides, a drink, and ice cream. Because it was our first visit we were able to enjoy a free appetizer and we chose the Beer Cheese with soft pretzel bites. It…. Was…. Amazing! I chose the Whiskey Bacon burger with a very well-crafted Long Island Iced Tea. Our waitress was also a sweetheart. She was really friendly, and great with the kids, she also brought a rose to the table for Mother’s Day.

mothers day2016 4This is also the only restaurant that I’ve been to where you can accumulate points with each visit for coupons, and freebies. Along with the quiet, family friendly atmosphere, that also catered to the sports fans of the restaurant, we all had a great time, and absolutely loved the food, and service. We will be going back on occasion, and I am ready to try just about every single burger on the menu. Next time, I think I will be leaning toward the Chuck Norris. 😉 (If you are wondering if it will be more than twice a year, the answer is yes! The quality of ingredients this restaurant serves is 5 star!)

mothers day2016 3After my indulgence on Sunday I decided to get my body back on track with a lot of fruits, veggies, and water. I also thought it would be a great time to try out a protein bar sample that I had received a few days before. The first thing I have to say about Yup bars is they have very clean ingredient list…. (The bar I am reviewing is the PB&J B Jammin Energy Bar which contains 180 calories, only 14 grams of NET carbs, 11 grams of sugar, 12 grams of Protein, and 11 grams of fiber)

Yup bar review

Strawberry filling [fruit juice concentrate (pineapple, peach, apple, pear), Apple powder, Tapioca starch, Strawberries, Natural flavor, Evaporated Apples, Water, Citric Acid, Red beet juice concentrate for color, Locust bean gum, Pectin, Red cabbage extract and annatto for color], Prebiotic dietary vegetable fiber, peanuts, whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate, natural flavors, Palm fruit oil, Xylitol, Sea salt, Sunflower lecithin

yup bar review2The next element I have to mention is the texture. I have to be honest, I have NEVER eaten a protein bar that has had a texture like this. I tried their Sugar Cookie Bar, and their PB&J Bar, on two separate days, and BOTH remind me of Laughy Taffy. 🙂 Not that you can pull it apart like taffy, but the fact that they are shiny, and the texture is chewy like candy. While I was a bit thrown off by the texture, the taste was good, and out of all the protein bars I have ever eaten, these kept me full the longest, 4 hours. I would absolutely buy these bars for “emergencies” to keep on hand. Compared to other bars, that claim to be healthy, but have a ton of iffy ingredients basically making them a candy bar, these bars are a good quality, have a nice taste, and are very filling.

 yup bar review3


I love writing reviews on samples I receive, and certain products that I buy. All of my thoughts are honest, and original. I am not being compensated for my views, and the opinions are my own.

11 thoughts on “Flipdaddy’s + Yup Bar Review

  1. Great pics and happy Mothers day. Sorry but the bar would scare me 11grams of sugar… sugar free for five months the 11 grams would give me a headache and a not nice bloaty tummy… but that is me.

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    1. Everyone is different. 🙂 If it was refined sugar I would be concerned, but it is all natural sugar which our body processes differently. Just like an orange vs a candy. But if it is working with you, run with it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, you’re right we have to just keep trying until we find what works best. Sugar one time, gave you energy! Booted your metabolism and made everything look and taste lushious. Now it is seen as public enemy number one.

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      2. Yes, times change. Natural sugar can still give you that boost, while refined will give you an initial boost, then a slump. I try to pick and choose my sweeteners carefully. 😉


  2. Happy delayed Mother’s Day! How did I miss such joyful cute post? I do remember eating protein bar, bought at store, with a texture like this. Unfortunately, i can’t recall the brand. It was very chewy and shiny. With no berry layer. It was quite yummy.
    Here, in Ukraine I’ve found some protein bars, store option. But they are nothing like the ones in the US, so I’ve decided to make my own at home 🙂

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