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Cirque Mundial – Dave’s Killer Bread Review

Cirque Mundial ……

daves killer bread5Aside from being swamped this week, and giving my culinary creativity a rest, I just had to do another review. I have been doing a lot of research and decided to try what is considered one of the healthiest breads, and see if it holds up to its hype. I’ll get back to that in a minute. Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, and we decided to take the kids to the circus. It was a small circus, but seeing it through the eyes of the kids, it may as well have been giant. They had so much fun!

daves killer breadWe went to see Cirque Mundial, their troop was literally from all over the world from places like Romania, Ireland, and Russia. The way our 3-year-old reacted was so cute. She was mesmerized by everything. I think she laughed, and clapped, louder than anyone else there. Our 4-year-old pouted for the first 20 minutes because he seriously thought that he was going to be a part of the act. I told him that if he still wants to be a part of a circus when he is older that he can run away with a circus then. 😉 After he got some roasted peanuts, and saw the juggler juggling fire, he perked up and was enthralled by the rest of the show. They give out free kid’s tickets in the towns that they do their shows in. Here is their Facebook page if you want to see if they are going to be in your area.

daves killer bread6daves killer bread7Now on to my bread review. This review is on Dave’s Killer Bread. So often bread, even healthy ones, have fillers and ingredients that they shouldn’t, or they taste like cardboard. I am so in love with this bread, I can’t even describe it! The nuts and seeds are my favorite part of the bread. I have been using it for toast, but even better for Eggs in a Nest using coconut oil and the flavor is out of this world. I know that the ingredient list looks long, but all of the ingredients are high quality, whole ingredients. This bread is packed with grains, and seeds, and is only 120 calories per slice. Not every store carries Dave’s, but if you go to Dave’s website you can find a store near you. I buy mine at Costco.

daves killer bread4When was the last time you went to a circus?

What is your favorite bread?

I’ve decided to start writing reviews on samples that I get, and products that I buy, every once in a while. I am not being compensated for my views, and the opinions are my own.



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