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Not Just for Cold Weather – Easy Turkey Chili

Not Just for Cold Weather….

turkey chiliFar too often soups, stews, and chili get a bad rap when it comes to eating them outside of fall and winter. I tend to disagree with the idea that you can only eat chili in cold weather. If that was the case Gold Star Chili and Cincinnati Chili would be out of business. 😉 I personally like soups, and chili all year long. When I made chili this week I figured I would give one last nod to the winter weather, but after my dinner last night I decide that chili is absolutely a good idea for ALL YEAR LONG!

turkey chili6The recipe I am sharing with you today is for chili, but it is super easy, and it can be used for more than just a bowl of chili. It is perfect to top a turkey, or all beef, dog, make some chili cheese fries by pouring it over a nice big batch of home fries, it makes awesome burritos, and the BEST tostados. I think my dinner last night was one of the most satisfying meals I have had in quite a while. This recipe can be made with ground beef, ground chicken, or ground turkey. I personally prefer the turkey; I think my husband prefers the lean ground beef.

This thick chili contains only 166 calories per ½ cup serving (using ground turkey), 432 mg of potassium, 12 grams of net carbs, and 11 grams of protein! That is an amazingly well rounded meal!

turkey chili4I had mentioned my dinner last night and it was just so good! You have to truly be a foodie to appreciate it, but if you are then you will absolutely understand the drool factor. Imagine this if you will, I took two white corn tortillas and put them under the broiler on low until they started to get brown, bubbly, and crispy. Then I spread ¼ cup of turkey chili over each tortilla, and sprinkled a ½ ounce of cheese over each one and threw them back under the broiler until the cheese was bubbly, and they were heated through. After that I took some roughly chopped green cabbage (about 2 cups) and put it over the top, and topped that with the grand finale of a bit of sour cream mixed with some salsa. Tell me that doesn’t just make your taste buds sing!

turkey chili3The real beauty of this chili is that it is so super easy! About a year ago I found a taco seasoning recipe over at Whole New Mom and I have never bought packaged seasoning again. There was a time when I would make my chili and add a little of this, and a little of that, but it turned out differently every time because I never measured anything. Enter Whole New Mom’s taco seasoning that I keep on hand. I make a big enough batch to fill a spice jar and just use it as I need it. The last two times I made chili I had a revelation, and I don’t understand why it took me so long to think of this, and I started using this seasoning. I suppose you can use store bought in place of it, but I can’t guarantee the results. 😉 I have never even attempted to change her recipe because it is just right! So, I guess you are getting two recipes, well kind of three, in one today. Make a batch of chili, choose how you are going to make it shine, sit back relax, and enjoy!

How do you top your chili?

Do you think that chili should be reserved for the colder months?

Easy Turkey Chili

By Angie Gouchenour

turkey chili2

13 servings


1-pound lean ground turkey – weighed raw, and cooked into crumbles

1 – 23 ounce crushed tomatoes

4 cups cooked kidney beans (I cook mine from dry beans)

2 Tablespoons Whole New Mom Taco Seasoning

Chopped onions – optional


In a large pot cook, the ground turkey until crumbly, drain

Add the crushed tomatoes, cooked kidney beans, and taco seasoning; simmer for 15-30 minutes


NOTE: This freezes really well

½ cup serving 166 calories

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