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Protein Khalva Bars. Протеїнові Халва-Батончики.

Today life has taken over a bit so I want to share an amazing recipe from one of my favorite blogs. This is just one of many fantastic recipes that are on SV. Make sure you take time to browse around after you get done looking at this yummy, and super healthy, bar recipe. I can’t wait to give this a try myself! 🙂

Salutaris Vita

protein khalva bars

Khalva (or Halva) is a sweet treat from my childhood. I believe the origin of khalva comes from the Middle East and Asia countries. Though, it has been very popular dessert among kids and adults in Eastern and Central Europe.

Khalva is based on nut or seed butter and has sweet taste because of lots of sugar in it. Khalva that I remember from my childhood, was based on sunflower seeds and had vanilla flavor. Also, there are other variations, such as raisin, chocolate and the one that contained whole peanuts in it. Ukraine, my Motherland, is well known for its fields of sunflowers. No wonder, khalva, made of sunflower seeds, was the most popular. It is also less sweet than other kinds.

OK, you probably ask me now what khalva has to do with healthy eating. Well, after making protein bars that I share with you today, I’ve realized that they remind me of my favorite…

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