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Cooking 101 – Busting the Myth of Difficult Meringue

Busting the Myth of Difficult Meringue…..

Today I was tackling a new recipe that I have always been apprehensive to try. Funny, it wasn’t nearly as hard as I had anticipated, or as I’ve always heard that it would be. I will be posting the finished product tomorrow, but it inspired me to do a quick tutorial on meringue today. Meringue is another one of those foods that has been given a bad rap over the years with people making it sound like it is really hard to make. I am here to tell you today that it is so easy that I could literally make it every single day and not have a problem.

angel kissed macaroons5The first time I made it back around Christmas time it didn’t quite turn out the way it should have. I think I actually tried too hard. I researched, and researched to find the most fool proof way to make it, and it fell. I still made Angel Kissed Macaroons with it, but it wasn’t ideal, and I never wanted to make it again. More recently I made some Cloud Pastries and that is when I knew that I was no longer afraid of making meringue. It is SO easy!

cloud bread4

  1. Make sure that your egg whites are room temperature

  2. Your bowl needs to be room temperature as well

  3. Both your bowl, and beaters, need to be free of any grease



Other than that, you just have to literally beat the egg whites to death! Some people use an acid; such as lemon juice, if their meringue won’t peak. Others use cream of tartar. Today I just used egg whites. Yep, that meringue turned out just as stiff as if I used cream of tartar. After the egg whites were stiff I added my sweetener.


It could stay there for hours. 😉


How do you know if your meringue is stiff enough? Scoop a bunch up with a spatula, or spoon, and hold it upside down. It shouldn’t budge. It should literally be like thick hair moose. If it starts sliding, beat it more. I personally like to use an electric mixer because it is faster. I will throw authenticity out the window in certain instances if it won’t affect the finished product. If you whip the whites by hand it could take 20 minutes or longer. You better be able to use both hands or you are going to have one really sore arm.


cloud bread2
Keep beating it! Still to soft, but getting there!



So, it REALLY IS that simple! Tomorrow I will be posting the recipe that I made meringue for today. It is so yummy and will impress even the most critical foodies. After this, you should NEVER fear making meringue again!


Have you ever made meringue?

Did you have any issues getting it to peak?

What type of tips do you have for the perfect meringue?

3 thoughts on “Cooking 101 – Busting the Myth of Difficult Meringue

  1. I’ve tried suggestions to mix a kind of roux with sugar cornstarch and water (thick) – mixed into the stiff egg whites to keep meringue from weeping. Seems like I’ve made ONE good batch, but have never been able to repeat it. I haven’t tried for years.


    1. Wow! That sounds like a lot of work! Next time just try room temp whites, add a little cream of tartar if need be, but I bet your meringue will be great! My mom had problems with hers weeping, but I haven’t run across that problem.


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