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Rise & Blast – Orange Belly Blasting Smoothie


Rise & Blast……

orange smoothie1When I was little one of my absolute favorite treats was an Orange Julius drink. We didn’t get them very often because the only place you could find them was the mall, but when we went my mom would get me a small one. Then when I was a teenager they started selling the dry mix in the store, all you had to do was add orange juice and ice. That was just amazing, still a treat, but more accessible. Well, I haven’t had an Orange Julius in years for a couple of reasons, first they are so expensive and second the amount of sugar in these guys is crazy.

orange smoothie2I’m super excited because we have come to the time of year where oranges have started going on sale. I figured with all this crazy snow, and everyone trying to keep up with their New Year’s resolutions, it was time to bring out a smoothie that is super sunny. I’m not going to lie, when I made it I drank the whole thing. Usually I will make a smoothie and split it with my husband, but he wasn’t home and I said to myself, “It is all mine”. It was a total throwback to the Orange Julius days, but better!

Are you ready for this? A medium traditional Orange Julius is 280 calories with 65 grams of sugar and 0 grams of protein. A good portion of that sugar comes from the base, flavor enhancer, and then the orange juice concentrate. Why use concentrate when you can use the actual fruit?! Our Orange Belly Blasting Smoothie is 187 calories for about the same size, with 11 grams of protein and only 17 grams of sugar! Can you believe that? Most of the sugar comes from the orange, plus you have the fiber which will help stabilize your blood sugar.

orange smoothieSo, aside from the lower sugar content, and the presence of protein and fiber, you have your whey protein which helps to shrink belly fat and stabilize blood sugar when taken with fruit. And then you have your healthy fat, coconut oil, that also aids in shrinking belly fat. Is this a magic elixir that is going to make you thin, and beach ready over night? Absolutely not! But with a healthy diet, and exercise this will definitely help to boost your results. Toss your morning oj which touts 25 grams of sugar for 8 ounces, and replace it with this smoothie. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy!

 UPDATE: (02/23/17) To make this recipe vegan, and plant based, use NON DAIRY yogurt and pea protein, or hemp powder.

Rise and Shine Belly Blasting Smoothie

By Angie Gouchenour

orange smoothie3


2 servings


1 medium orange – peeled

½ medium banana – frozen

6 ounce vanilla yogurt (I used Kroger Carbmaster. Make sure you choose a low sugar brand) Use non dairy yogurt to make this a plant based, vegan friendly recipe.

½ scoop vanilla protein powder (I used Body Fortress) Use pea protein or hemp powder to make this a plant based, vegan friendly, recipe

½ Tablespoon coconut oil (optional)

1 cup water

6 – 9 ice cubes


Place the orange, banana, yogurt, protein powder, and coconut oil in a blender

Blend until smooth

Add water and ice and blend until smoothie thickens

Pour and enjoy!

187 calories (calories may vary depending on yogurt, protein powder, and coconut oil)


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