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Renovating for 2016 – 5 Favorites From 2015

Renovating for 2016….

work in progress.gif

Slow Down

Good morning everyone! Tick tock! The new year is fast approaching and my page is screaming for some updates. I’m not going to shut it down to work on it, I want to leave all of my content available, but I must warn you if you see anything funny…. It is being fixed. 😉 I have had so much fun this year (it has been kind of crazy being my first year!), and I have learned so much, thanks to all of you who have stuck with me! With that being said I would like to bring you a couple of recipes over the next few days that were my biggest hits in 2015. Starting Friday, January 1, 2016 I will be rolling out all new recipes for you to love, taste, and drool over.

Feel free to let me know what kind of recipes you would like to see in the new year. I would love to add your suggestions to my already growing list! Take a minute to browse the favorites of 2015, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Turtle Caramel Corn

turtle caramel corn with name

Here is a favorite, and husband approved, recipe. This caramel corn recipe is probably the lowest in sugar you will find… and will be even lower if you use sugar-free chocolate chips! Super easy, super yum!

PBJ Smoothie

pbj smoothie 1

Start your new year’s resolution of eating right before it ever gets here. The ingredients may sound funny, but you will be amazed. Kid tested, and approved. 😉

No Rules Brownies

no rules brownies 1

This brownie recipe was an absolute hit! You can’t go wrong with brownies, especially when they are refined sugar free!

Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Vanilla Biscotti

chocolate covered cherry vanilla biscotti

This may sound like a holiday treat, but it is good any time of the year. And with the dark chocolate you will be doing yourself a favor.

Double Zucchini Bread

double zucchini bread 2

Need a way to get those extra veggies in? This is a perfect way, especially since the zucchini is double what normal recipes call for, plus, less flour, and refined sugar free!



work in progress.gif

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