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10 Christmas Cookie Recipes For Your Cookie Plate


10 Christmas Cookie Recipes for Your Cookie Plate

Happy Friday everyone! With Christmas only a week away I know that everyone is scrambling to get their baking done. I put together a list of my original, as well as my reinvented, Christmas cookie recipes so you can have them right at your fingertips. These cookies are family approved, easy, inexpensive, and for the most part fairly quick to throw together. Children and adults alike will love them, so let’s get started! 

CPB Magic Middle Bites

cpb bites6

I can barely describe the ooey, gooey, awesomeness that this little cookie bite holds. If you like chocolate and peanut butter these are for you. (This cookie is a little more time consuming than any of the others, but well worth it!)

M&M Minis

m&m minis4

I think the name says it all. This is a mini version of our childhood favorite. Reduced sugar and reduced fat. How can you go wrong?!

Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies


Ah yes, another cookie that anyone with a mother, or grandmother, or kindly older neighbor, has tasted. These are also reduced sugar, and reduced fat, and so easy to make.

Soft Ginger Cookies

soft ginger cookies6

Love, love, loooooove ginger cookies. These are super soft, refined sugar free, and just down right…. Gingery!

White Chocolate Filled Chocolate Shortbread

white chocolate filled chocolate shortbread

One of my husband’s favorite cookies that I have brought to the table. These are really easy, and so yummy!

Chocolate Filled Shortbread Cookies

shortbread with chocolate

These are just the reverse of #5. But if you are like me you prefer more vanilla, and less chocolate, so pick the one that suits your taste best!

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

flourless chocolate peanut butter cookies

Here we are with another traditional peanut butter chocolate combo. So easy, and you don’t need any flour! Plus, they are refined sugar free. These are super quick to whip up.



Another timeless classic that I am just in love with. These taste so much like what my mom use to make, ok maybe better. 😉 But they are refined sugar free, and lower in fat than the original recipes.

Cocoa Almond Craisin White Chocolate Biscotti

biscotti cocoa almond craisin white chocolate 2

Bring a little taste of Europe to your cookie plate with this amazing biscotti. Unlike the traditional recipe for biscotti you do not have to dunk because it is soft, plus it has reduced sugar, and is lower in fat.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Vanilla Biscottichocolate covered cherry vanilla biscotti

Here is the reverse of its lighter biscotti cousin #9. Still no need to be dipped, but amazing with melt in your mouth qualities.

Merry Christmas!



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