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Why Get Take-Out? – “Take-In” Chicken Fried Rice

Why Get Take-Out?

chicken fried rice2I’m sure now that Thanksgiving is over and we are into the second day of December people are officially going crazy trying to get everything ready for Christmas. I don’t do the mad dash thing, it just isn’t my style, but for those of you who are burning the candle at both ends, barely getting any sleep, feeling like you don’t have any time between work and home, and find yourself either going to the store, or shopping online every night, I want to say take a breath. You aren’t going to be any good to yourself, or anyone else, if you run yourself ragged. I don’t eat out a whole lot, as a matter of fact I’ve probably eaten out three times this year, but I know that a good majority of American’s have a tendency to grab takeout on their way home from work at least a couple of times a week, especially during the holiday season.

chicken fried rice8What if I told you that I have a “take-in” recipe that is just as fast, and tastes just as good as “take-out”? By the time you order your food, drive to where you will be picking it up, wait for it to be finished, get home, unpack, ect. you could have had this meal on the table and eaten (Be in your slippers and sweats!) . I’m not kidding! It will be even quicker if you make a batch of rice when you have 15 extra minutes prior to the night you want to make this (Or do it while you are doing something else like I do, because do we ever really have any “extra” minutes?), throw it in a Ziploc bag, freeze it, and then when you are ready for chicken fried rice you can just grab your rice out of the freezer, your veggies out of the freezer, and some precooked chicken I know you have already hanging out in the fridge. Can you say 30 minutes or less?! (Grab some of Tyson’s new chicken tenders that have less batter, throw some sweet and sour on them and you have an entire meal!)

chicken fried rice6Listen, any way you slice it, dice it, or fry it, this version is going to be healthier, and cheaper then grabbing it to go.

While most chicken fried rice will run you around 350 calories for ¾ cup, you can have two servings of this chicken fried rice for the same amount of calories!

Taking a little help from the store with frozen veggies, possibly some frozen chicken tenders, and jarred sweet and sour, is still better for you than the restaurant. And just think, all the money you save from not eating out between now and Christmas you can put toward your celebration. I always prefer to spend money on things that will last rather then things I am going to eat. This is so simple that anyone can make it. Don’t have a wok? Not a problem, use a large frying pan, or pot. There are no excuses here. And when you are done, you can truly sit back, relax, and enjoy!

“Take-in” Chicken Fried Rice

By Angie Gouchenour

chicken fried rice2

Approximately 8 servings


1 Tablespoon sesame oil

3 cups cooked rice – cooled works best

2 Tablespoons lite soy sauce

1 cup frozen mixed veggies

1 ¼ cup chicken breast – cooked and shredded

2 eggs – whisked


In a wok, fry pan, or pot heat sesame oil over medium heat

chicken fried rice10

When oil is heated add rice stirring to coat with oil

While rice is cooking stir a few times (In the meantime you can shred the chicken)

chicken fried rice9

Once rice is slightly brown and getting “crunchy” (after about 15 minutes) toss in veggies and chicken

chicken fried rice7

Continue to cook veggies and chicken another 10 minutes until veggies are thawed

Push ingredients around the side of the pan leaving a hole in the middle exposing the pan (The veggies will continue to cook)

chicken fried rice

Pour whisked eggs in the center and scramble

chicken fried rice5

Once the eggs are scrambled stir everything together and voila!

164 calories per ¾ cup serving


4 thoughts on “Why Get Take-Out? – “Take-In” Chicken Fried Rice

  1. Yum! This is a takeout favorite for me! I’ve never made this before, but it looks too easy not to try. 🙂 Also — I’m currently waiting for my roommate to get home so we can get dinner …+ now I totally want Chinese lol.


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