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Thanksgiving Came a Little Early – Sloppy Cranberry Turkey Sliders

Thanksgiving Came a Little Early…..

sloppy cranberry turkey sliders3I was asked the other day what my favorite time of year is and I said fall, and I went on to explain that I love the leaves changing colors, and falling, and the cooler weather. But once I got to thinking about it, I think that if I was really honest with myself, and everyone else, I would admit that my favorite time of year is fall, hands down, because I love the cranberry turkey combo so much! Is it just sad that I look forward to October, November, and December all year just so that I can justify eating sweet and savory, cranberry and turkey, or chicken, together as much as humanly possible?!

cranberry chutney 6At the beginning of October I went to the store super excited to buy fresh cranberries and try my hand at creating some amazing chutney, but was pretty bummed when I couldn’t find any. So, the next week I went back, and actually asked the produce guy this time and there they were! Why they were sitting between the celery and the carrots I will never know, they had probably been there the entire time, but there they were and I quickly grabbed a bag as if they were going to disappear. The day after I brought them home I made an amazing Sweet and Savory Cranberry Chutney. I have to admit that I made all the little yummy noises of absolute contentment when I tasted my finished product. I reverently spread some on a turkey sandwich, and not so reverently took a gigantic bite. Am I the only one who can hear angels singing right now? It was amazing!

sloppy cranberry turkey sliders2I have to confess that I am a little bit addicted to this new “candy”. It really does taste like candy with an undertone of red onion. (And only a true foodie can vouch that those two flavors sound like an amazing combo.) I just can’t tell you how yummy it is! Last night I put it on my grilled turkey and provolone sandwich and it was outstanding. So, anyway, I’ve been trying to think of different ways to use this addictive food, and I decided why not do a spin on sloppy joes, but better! I am not a barbeque sauce fan at all. I can eat it, but I would rather not. But I do like just about every other sauce under the sun! I decided that if I used ground turkey and replaced the barbeque sauce with some cranberry chutney, just enough to hold the seasoned meat together, and then placed some chutney on top I would have a winner. I was not wrong. 🙂 With the chutney infused ground turkey on a lightly toasted bun, topped with another tablespoon of chutney, some lettuce, and the slightest bit of olive oil mayo I think I have replaced barbeque sloppy joes in my book FOREVER. If you want something a little different, that brings the taste of the holidays to you without having to slave over the entire meal throw a few of these sliders together. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Sloppy Cranberry Turkey Sliders

By: Angie Gouchenour

sloppy cranberry turkey sliders1

Approximately 9-12 sliders


1 pound ground turkey – cooked (This should equal about 2 cups of crumbles)

¼ teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 ½ cups Sweet and Savory Cranberry Chutney

12 Slider buns (I used cracked wheat)


Mayo (I used olive oil mayo)

Light butter (Just enough to brown the buns)


On medium heat thoroughly cook the ground turkey, and drain

Season the ground turkey with salt (You may need more, I don’t care for a lot of salt), cayenne pepper, and cinnamon. Stir in ¾ cup of chutney and heat through. Set aside

Butter slider buns and lightly toast (I just tossed mine under the broiler on a cookie sheet, but you could use a fry pan if you’d like)

Place approximately 2 1/3 Tablespoons of meat mixture on each bun

Continue assembly with 1 Tablespoon of chutney on the top of meat mixture and then lettuce

Cover lettuce with a top bun that has been lightly mayo’d

Place on a serving tray for company, or on a plate for yourself, and enjoy!

174 calories per slider (The bun was 80 calories, if you can find LIGHT slider buns you will be able to slash 40 calories from the overall total)

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