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Old School Flavor Lightened Up – Light Cran-Apple Bread Pudding

light cran-apple bread pudding 2The first day of October is here and it is determined to not disappoint. It is bone chillingly cold this morning, and the temperatures are forecasted to continue dropping throughout the next several days. My littles are going to be bummed since we were just able to start going to the park after naps a couple of weeks ago, and now it is too cold and wet. Luckily, for all of you, I have a line up for comforting, tummy warming recipes coming your way to chase away the damp October blues. 🙂

light cran-apple bread pudding 3I created today’s recipe on a whim. It is a lighter version of what my mom use to make when I was growing up. The smell before it ever goes in the oven is enough to bring everyone running to the kitchen begging to know what you are making. This is a single serve recipe, but with ease you will be able to double, triple, or even quadruple the batch to meet your serving needs. Let me throw a few ingredients at you, to weave a warm imaginary blanket of yum; vanilla, cinnamon, apples, craisins, butter, and vanilla almond milk. Can you smell that yet?! Today I give to you Light Cran-Apple Bread Pudding. And as I always promise, this recipe contains all of the flavor and memorable goodness of the original, but easier on the waist line. This bread pudding is so guilt free that you can eat it for breakfast, or dessert!

light cran-apple bread pudding 4You are probably wondering how all of that can be safe to eat, especially a whole 10 ounce ramekin! This dessert is refined sugar free with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, low carb sugar free bread, and Truvia; your sugar comes from the apples and low sugar cranberries. The fat content is reduced by using Light butter, egg whites, and again almond milk. And for those worried about carbs, the bread is low carb, and wheat, so the majority of your carbs are coming from the apples, and craisins, which leaves you with zero guilt, and a lot of pleasure! There aren’t any fancy instructions that need to be given in detail, this is an easy, quick, warming, throwback to the old desserts. Grab your favorite warm drink, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or spiced cider would all work well with this dessert, sit back, relax, and ENJOY!

Light Cran-Apple Bread Pudding

light cran-apple bread pudding 1

By Angie Gouchenour

1 Serving


2 pieces of low carb wheat bread (I used Healthy Life 35 calorie, 5 carb, sugar free wheat)

½ cup of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk

½ Tablespoon of Light butter

1 Tablespoon of Truvia zero calorie sweetner

½ teaspoon of vanilla flavoring or extract

½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon

3 Tablespoons of egg whites

¼ cup of chopped apple (small pieces)

1/16 cup low sugar craisins (I used Ocean Spray)


Preheat oven to 350’f

Spray 10 ounce ramekin with nonstick cooking spray

Cut, or tear 2 pieces of bread into small squares and place in prepared 10 ounce ramekin

In a small sauce pan combine almond milk, butter, Truvia, vanilla, cinnamon, and egg whites

Cook on medium, stirring frequently, until the mixture comes to a boil

Pour custard mixture over the bread and sprinkle apples over the top (I used a spoon to gently poke them down into the pudding) and then scatter the craisins across the pudding

Place the ramekin on a cookie sheet in case there is a little “boil over” and bake at 350’f for 30 minutes

Remove from the oven and let it sit and firm (It will look a little watery at first, but it will firm up)


189 calories

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