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Still as Soft – Dark Chocolate Covered “Cherry” Vanilla Biscotti (Part 2)

Still as Soft……

chocolate covered cherry vanilla biscottiAs I promised, here is part two of my two part biscotti post. Today is my birthday, so I suppose I should have posted some sort of cake related food, but I’m just not really that into cake. For years I had chocolate pie for my birthday, but I guess I’m just not that crazy about pie anymore. I don’t know whats wrong with me! Now give me a baked treat and I’m all over it, so I suppose that this treat is fitting considering my shift in tastes over the years.

chocolate covered cherry vanilla biscotti 2For those who may not have had a chance to read part one of my post feel free to head on over there and check out my Cocoa Almond, Craisin, White Chocolate biscotti made with stone ground wheat flour. These biscotti are slightly different, while they are a soft version like my other biscotti, the base ingredients are similar, but the add ins are different. These biscotti are actually toned down a bit in the flavor department. If you prefer vanilla over almond flavoring this recipe will probably speak to your taste buds much louder than the previous recipe.

chocolate covered cherry vanilla biscotti 3chocolate covered cherry vanilla biscotti 4When making this particular version of biscotti you can finish them off two different ways. I wanted to see which I preferred and I preferred version one, while my husband preferred version two. I think it was more because of the choice of chocolate rather than the way it decorated the cookie. With the dark chocolate I kind of painted it on with a spoon. I didn’t dip it because I didn’t want the back side of the cookie sticking to the wax paper. With the semi sweet chocolate I drizzled it over the top like I did with the white chocolate in my other biscotti recipe. Either way, you really can’t go wrong. Sit back and enjoy!

Dark Chocolate Covered “Cherry” Vanilla Biscotti

chocolate covered cherry vanilla biscotti 5

By Angie Gouchenour

12 cookies


¼ cup of Truvia zero calorie sweetener

¼ cup of Light butter – melted

1teaspoon of vanilla flavoring

1 cup of white flour

1/8 cup of reduced sugar craisins

1/8 cup of dark chocolate – melted (I used Private Selection 73%, but 80% would be better. You can use semi sweet if that is all you have.)


Pre heat the oven to 350’ f

Combine Truvia, melted light butter, and almond flavoring

Stir in white and wheat flour until a dough ball forms

Using your hands incorporate the chopped almonds and craisins into the dough

Dump the dough onto a lightly floured surface and flip several times until it is no longer sticky and all the almonds and craisins are distributed evenly throughout the dough

Form a “log” on a non-stick cookie sheet (I find, patting it, and shaping it several times until it is your desired length and thickness works well)

Bake at 350’f for 25 minutes until they log starts to brown

Remove the pan from the oven and reduce the heat to 325’ f

After about 5 minutes gently cut the log into 12 pieces on a cutting board (I found that using a serrated knife so you are able to cut through the crust, then gently pressing down on the knife at an angle so the log doesn’t rip causing all the goodies to fall out works best.)

Place the cookies back onto the cookie sheet and bake at 325 for 8-10 more minutes

Remove them from the oven and let them cool on a cooling rack

Once they are cooled, move the cookies from the racks to wax paper, and then you can melt the white chocolate in the microwave (About 20-30 seconds) and then drizzle the chocolate over the top of each cookie and allow them to sit out until the chocolate hardens back up

Store in a sealed container

70 calories per cookie



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